Healthy Ireland Survey 2021

The findings of the annual Healthy Ireland Survey by the Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland are now available.  This survey gathers information on the health and health behaviours of people living in the Republic of Ireland.  The latest survey took place from October 2020 to March 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thus, these results give an important insight into pandemic health related behaviours.  See:

What's Masculinity got to do with it?

Early data from several countries, regarding the gendered implications of COVID-19, suggest that men are more likely to die as an effect of infection.  This has been explained by biological factors, and also by behavioural and life-style issues characteristic of men.  What has not been widely discussed, however, is the relationships between men's responses to the crisis, their care activities, and certain models of masculinity that persist in many societies.  This journal article explores this issue:


Farming is not like other jobs.  It’s physically hard, can be unpredictable, and comes with its own set of factors that can lead to stress.  Farmers often put other things first - like looking after stock, land and equipment.  But they can overlook the stress that comes with managing all of these things.  FarmInMind is an initiative to help Northern Irish farmers to look after themselves better.  This new website is designed to help farmers to identify the sources and levels of stress in their daily life, and to direct them towards the help and support that they need.  Check it out at: