National Survey on Cancer Awareness and Attitudes

Improving knowledge of cancer signs and symptoms is important because people who can recognise signs / symptoms, and who seek early medical intervention, are generally more likely to have less advanced disease and better prospects for treatment.  In September 2022, the HSE National Cancer Control Programme published a report titled 'National Survey on Cancer Awareness and Attitudes'.  This research was conducted with a nationally representative sample of 2,874 adults aged 18 and over living in the Republic of Ireland.  The survey showed that the majority of adults are aware that tobacco smoking and unprotected sun exposure can cause cancer.  However, there are lower levels of awareness of the cancer risk associated with alcohol consumption, dietary factors, physical activity, body weight, breastfeeding, infection and medication.  Download a copy of the report at:

Irish Probable Suicide Deaths Study

The Irish Probable Suicide Deaths Study presents information on probable suicide deaths in Ireland, for a four year period, from 2015 to 2018.  The aims of the study were to: improve understanding of the characteristics of people who have died by probable suicide; identify risk factors for probable suicide; and inform the planning, implementation and evaluation of suicide prevention measures.  In Ireland, the current legal test for a Coroner’s verdict of suicide includes a requirement that the self-killing and intention are proved ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’.  However, this study also includes additional deaths that are ‘more likely than not’ to have been death by suicide - that is, on the ‘balance of probabilities’.  Thus, this study has captured, analysed and presented more deaths than are typically included in official suicide statistics in Ireland.  It also provides much more in-depth information on the characteristics of the people who have died.  As 76% of the probable suicide deaths were men, this report will be of interest to anyone who works in this field.  Find out more at:

Report on Healthy Ireland Survey 2022

The Healthy Ireland Survey is an interviewer-administered survey of the health and health behaviours of people living in the Republic of Ireland.  It is commissioned by the Department of Health.  This is an annual survey; conducted with a representative sample of the population aged 15 and older living in Ireland.  The sample size is typically in the region of over 7,500 people.  The main findings of the 2022 Healthy Ireland Survey are summarised at: