HSE Men’s Health Podcast

In this HSE 'Talking Health and Wellbeing' podcast, Dr Noel Richardson from the National Centre for Men’s Health discusses why focusing upon men’s health is important, how masculinity influences men’s help seeking behaviours, and some of the initiatives developed in recent years to improve men’s health.  Noel also reflects on his own Parkinson’s diagnosis and what this has taught him about men’s health.  Listen in at:

Farmers’ Health and Wellbeing: A Guide to Staying Healthy while Farming

Farmers in Ireland care deeply for their land, crops and animals.  Their ‘gut instinct’ about the health of their animals, and the condition of their land, is what keeps their farm productive.  However, many Irish farmers also overlook the most important element of good farming - their own health and wellbeing.  A booklet, produced by the Farm Safety Partnership, seeks to offer farmers simple and practical tips to stay healthy and well.  Have a look at:

Health Survey (NI): First Results 2021/22

Health Survey Northern Ireland is a Department of Health research initiative that runs every year on a continuous basis.  The survey covers a range of health topics that are important to the lives of people in Northern Ireland.  It has been running since April 2010, with separate modules for different policy areas included in different financial years.  In November 2022, the Department released 'Health Survey (NI): First Results 2021/22'.  Copies of the report, and the technical notes, can be found online at:

Is Parkrun for you?

Belfast Men's Health Group's latest podcast features Matt Shields - who is the Country Manager for Parkrun on the island of Ireland.  Matt talks about his life, his passion for running, and how Parkrun has grown well beyond his expectations.  Parkrun is a free weekly gathering for both experienced runners and beginners, and this interview highlights that it is not only about being a top athlete, but also about keeping fit, making friends, building connections, having a routine, staying healthy, volunteering ...  Listen in at:

MA in Advanced Facilitation Skills for Promoting Health and Wellbeing - 2023

Applications are now being invited for the Masters in Advanced Facilitation Skills for Health and Wellbeing course in South East Technological University.  This programme offers participants a unique opportunity to finely tune their facilitation and personal skills through practical experience, group process and advanced personal development.  It is an IUHPE accredited Health Promotion Course, and graduates will be recognised as ‘Accredited Health Promotion Practitioners’.  Find out more at:

Suicide Prevention: Connecting Research and Practice

Are you a researcher, policy maker or practitioner working in the areas of mental health, self-harm or suicide prevention? ...  If so, you might like to register for an event which will showcase findings from some innovative research projects supported by the HSE's National Office for Suicide Prevention.  This will take place in Dublin, on Wednesday 26th April 2023, from 9.30am to 3.45pm.  Find out more at:

SunSmart Campaign 2023

Most people living in Ireland have fair skin - the type which burns easily and tans poorly - so are at high risk of UV damage and skin cancer.  It is particularly important to protect skin during childhood and if you are an outdoor worker (who is likely to have more sun exposure than other groups).  The aim of the SunSmart campaign is to increase awareness of the steps you can take to protect your skin from the sun and reduce your risk of skin cancer.  Find out more at:

Poverty in Northern Ireland: Where are we now?

Twenty-five years on from the Good Friday Agreement, what progress has been made to reduce Northern Ireland’s poverty rate? ...  This ARK event will focus on social and economic inequalities - exploring potential solutions with a panel of policy and research experts.  It will be held on Wednesday 26th April 2023, from 2.30pm - 4.00pm, in the Ulster University's Belfast Campus.  Register for a place at: