2022 Man Manuals

There’s no denying that the state of men’s health on the island of Ireland is often poor.  However, there are things which can be done to change this situation and men, themselves, can play a key role in doing this.  A free, 32 page, Man Manual is being distributed by the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) to mark Men’s Health Week 2022.  This poses ten simple and practical health challenges to men and, to meet every challenge, it offers three choices.

During Men’s Health Week 2022, this booklet will be available in hard copy (though, when they’re gone, they’re gone) and in electronic format.  To order hard copies, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.stating:

-  How many copies you would like.
-  The name of the person to send them to.
-  The full postal address (including a Postcode / Eircode) for delivery.
-  A contact phone number (in case there is a problem with the delivery).

A low resolution copy can also be downloaded by clicking here.

The publication of this booklet has only been possible because of the generous support given by the Health Service Executive Health and Wellbeing, Healthy Ireland within the Department of Health, the Public Health Agency and the author - Dr Ian Banks.

Tell others about what you are doing during Men’s Health Week 2022

Every year there are hundreds (possibly even thousands) of events and activities throughout Ireland to celebrate Men’s Health Week (MHW).  Some of these are well publicised, but most are only known about by a few people.

As in previous years, the Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) will promote the details of any activities or events that are being held throughout the island of Ireland during Men’s Health Week 2022.  This will help everyone to find out what is happening during the week, where it will take place, and how to join in.  It will also give some recognition and publicity to all those groups across Ireland that are doing something for and with men.

These activities might include health checks, conferences, launches, games, seminars, competitions, workshops, courses, displays, health fairs, workplace mail-outs ...  Whatever the activity, everyone is encouraged to submit their details.

There are two ways to let us know about what is happening to mark the week: (i) submit the details using the online form; or (ii) download and save a copy of the MS Word Registration Form, type in the details, and email it back to us.

How to Promote Men’s Health Week 2022

Absolutely everyone can do something to promote Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2022.  There are many simple, free and easy ways to get involved / show support.  There is a common logo / image pack which can be used by everyone who wishes to raise awareness of MHW.  There is also a MHW 2022 poster and postcard.  These are important promotional tools - as one of the key aims is to let as many people as possible know about the week.  These are available to anyone who wishes to use them at

Here’s some practical suggestions …

-  Put a Men’s Health Week poster (or two or three) up in your workplace / meeting space / community centre / local shop / waiting room / church hall / Men’s Shed / gym / library / pub / surgery / construction site / home ...

-  Promote the week on your website - using a copy of the Men’s Health Week logo and other images e.g. badge or banner.

-  Link to the web page devoted to Men’s Health Week 2022 ( from your own website, Facebook page or other social networking site.

-  Send an email to everyone on your mailing list to tell them about Men’s Health Week, and ask them to forward the message to all their contacts.  Why not also insert the MHW logo, badge or banner into your outgoing emails during May and June?

-  Become a fan of the Men’s Health Week in Ireland’s Facebook page ( and send this link to all your online friends.

-  Include information on Men’s Health Week 2022 in your mailouts and newsletters.

-  Tell others about what is happening in your area during Men’s Health Week by posting details on the MHFI website.  Use the form at:

-  Make the Men’s Health Week logo or badge your computer desktop ‘wallpaper’ during May and June.

-  Remind your colleagues to follow all the latest news on Twitter (  Also Tweet about the week yourself, and include #MensHealthWeek and #MissionIsPossible in your message.

-  Encourage the men you know to get involved in some of the activities taking place during the week.

Doing one or more of these simple (and free) things will contribute hugely to MHW 2022!


Daily Themes for Men’s Health Week 2022

Men’s health issues and needs are numerous and complicated.  So much so, that we could probably assign a different one to highlight on each day of the year and still have an outstanding pool of ones to explore!  However, when preparing for Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2022, the all-island Planning Group felt that it would be useful to draw attention to a specific theme on each day during the week, as well as announce the final countdown to MHW during the week before.

The focus of each day will be ...

Thursday 9th June:  Men’s Health Week 2022 - the final countdown begins
Friday 10th June:  MISSION: isPOSSIBLE - the action starts with you
Monday 13th June:  Mental fitness
Tuesday 14th June:  Prevention is better than cure
Wednesday 15th June:  Food for thought
Thursday 16th June:  Rethink your drink
Friday 17th June:  Trash the ash
Saturday 18th June:  Let’s get physical - be more than a sports spectator
Sunday 19th June:  Fathers - can make wonderful things possible for their kids

Social media (especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok) has become a powerful tool for organisations to spread their message.  During Men’s Health Week 2022, everyone is encouraged to ‘Post’ and ‘Tweet’ about it and, when possible, to use the hashtags: #MensHealthWeek | #MissionIsPossible | #TheActionStartsWithYou

To support this, a range of social media graphics are also available.

For those people who would like to support MHW 2022 using their own social media channels - but who don't have the time, energy or knowledge to develop their own messages - there will soon be a ready-made pool of Posts and Tweets that you can simply cut-and-paste from.  Keep an eye to for more details closer to the week.

Even loading a few things to social media platforms makes a huge difference to publicising the week.  This is, therefore, an easy and free way to show support for MHW.

Keep Up-To-Date with Men's Health Week 2022

To keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news on Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2022 - as well as more general developments in the field of men’s work - check out Facebook ( and Twitter (

However, as all social networkers know, pages such as these are no use unless they have a lot of Fans / Followers.  That’s where your help is needed! ...  If you’re really into it, please Tweet about MHW 2022 yourself, and include the hashtags #MensHealthWeek and #MissionIsPossible in your messages.

Fatherhood - A Life Changing Relationship

Steve Biddulph is one of the world’s best known parent educators.  A psychologist for 30 years, his books (including The Secret of Happy Children, Raising Boys, Raising Girls, The New Manhood and Fully Human) are in four million homes and 31 languages.  They have influenced the way we look at childhood and, especially, the development of boys and men.  In this webinar - which is being organised by the Dads Direct network in Northern Ireland - Steve will share some of his insights on the important role of fatherhood.  This online event will take place on Thursday 16th June 2022, at 9.15am, and places can be booked at:

Men in Mind

Global Action on Men's Health (GAMH) will be hosting a series of webinars over the next 18-24 months.  The first, on Monday 6th June 2022, will focus on men's mental health.  Men’s mental health and wellbeing continues to be overlooked in policy and practice, despite increasing evidence of men’s distress and its consequences - such as alcohol and drug misuse, gambling and other addictions, body image disorders, aggressive and violent behaviours, as well as suicide.  Book a place at:

Farmers Have Hearts Action Research

More than eight out of ten Irish farmers who participated in the Farmers Have Hearts Cardiovascular Health Programme made lifestyle changes to improve their heart health and reduced their risk of having cardiovascular disease, a major study has shown.  The programme engaged with more than 868 male drystock and dairy farmers in the South, Southeast and Midlands over a one-year period.  This involved completing a health check at the start and end of this period, and engaging in health-promoting behaviours such as improving diet or getting more physical activity.  Find out more at: