Safe Pharmacy

Anyone can experience domestic abuse and coercive control.  'Safe Pharmacy' is a new Irish Pharmacy Union-led initiative that will enable people facing this issue to receive support in their local pharmacy by offering access to a phone and contact details for local support services.  This enables the person to make that important call e.g. to a family member, local specialist domestic violence services or An Garda Síochána.  Pharmacies that sign-up to the initiative nominate a Safe Pharmacy Champion within their pharmacy.  The Champion can be a pharmacist, technician or an over-the-counter staff member.  Those experiencing domestic abuse and coercive control may have difficulty making contact safely with the support they need while they are at home.  Their movements and access to phones may be monitored and limited.  Pharmacies are ideally placed to provide a means to additional support.  They are located in all parts of Ireland, are accessible and used by all, and are a trusted part of communities - with highly trained, compassionate and discreet staff.  Find out more about this initiative at:  |

Men’s Health Week 2022 Webinar

During 2022, HSE Health and Wellbeing is hosting a series of webinars exploring the impact of masculinity/ies on men’s health.  The second of these events will be held on Monday 13th June 2022, from Noon to 1.15pm, to mark Men’s Health Week.

Guest speakers include Paul Ferris (ex-professional footballer and author of award-winning books on how he dealt with personal challenges in his life), Sonia Montgomery (Suicide Prevention Lead within the Western Health and Social Care Trust) and Jim Curran (Director of Strategy and Operations for the Irish Pharmacy Union).

For more details, visit:

The Final Countdown to Men's Health Week 2022

International Men's Health Week (MHW) begins on Monday 13th June and runs until Sunday 19th June 2022 (Father’s Day).

Not too long ago, we were unaware of the full extent of men’s poor health status and the specific health issues that they are contending with.  However, this is no longer the case.  In recent years, a broad range of research has highlighted the health challenges which face men in Ireland and further afield.  For example, see the Men’s Health in Numbers reports
Yet, although the health of men in Ireland is sometimes poor, it is not a ‘lost cause’ - and it can be improved in many significant ways.  Men, themselves, need to play a central role in taking control of their health and wellbeing.  However, men’s health is not just an issue for individual men and their health can often be determined by other factors outside of their personal control.  Thus, there is also a need for policy-makers, service providers, and society as a whole to recognise the role that they need to play, and to do something practical about it.

Men's Health Week 2022 takes place in the context of an easing of the restrictions introduced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Worldwide, this virus had a major and disproportionate impact upon men's health as well as their wider lives.  Indeed, for a couple of years now, COVID has placed a myriad of boundaries upon what we have been able to do.  MHW 2022 seeks to reverse this trend, and focuses upon what we can do to take back control of our own health.

This is why the theme chosen for Men's Health Week 2022 is 'MISSION: isPOSSIBLE' and the message to everyone is 'the action starts with you'.

As always, the overarching aims of MHW are to:

-  Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages.
-  Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices and activities.
-  Encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in males.

However, any and all activities / actions to mark this occasion are very welcome.

To find out more about the week, visit:

What Can I Do To Mark Men's Health Week 2022

Everyone can do something to support and celebrate Men’s Health Week (MHW) each year.

The focus for MHW 2022 (i.e. ‘MISSION: isPOSSIBLE’) lends itself to a wide range of ways to mark this occasion.  However, there is no need to stick rigidly to this particular theme.  Anything which promotes the week and encourages men and boys to lead healthier lifestyles, to be more aware of preventable health problems, and to seek early detection and treatment for health difficulties will be very welcome!

Some people might have the time, energy, resources and skill to plan something elaborate.  However, even if this is not possible, there are still many simple, free and easy ways to get involved / show support - such as putting-up the poster in public spaces, giving out copies of the postcard to men that you know, social media posting, directing men to the Man Manual, using the MHW graphics ...

For practical ideas and inspiration, you are invited to check out a paper titled 'What Can I Do To Mark This Week?'.

Men’s Health Week 2022 Posters

To promote Men's Health Week (MHW) 2022, a bespoke poster has been designed.  
Posters are available as both A3 and A4 hard copies, and as online electronic files (in a range of sizes and formats suitable for a variety of uses).  To order hard copies of the poster, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating:

-  How many copies you would like.
-  Which size (or sizes) that you'd like.
-  The name of the person to send them to.
-  The full postal address (including a Postcode / Eircode) for delivery.

Copies of the online electronic resources can be downloaded from:

Even people who don't have time to do anything else for MHW 2022 are encouraged to put up a poster - in public view - to let everyone know when it is taking place.  Although this costs little to do, it will make a big difference to promoting the week!

Men’s Health Week 2022 Postcards

Every year since 2014, there has been a Men's Health Week (MHW) postcard to publicise the week.  Traditionally, these cards can be displayed as small flyers in public spaces, and are often sent by organisations to the men that they have contact with.  This has proved to be a very successful means of letting local men know about the week.

Some groups have also used them as pledge cards (e.g. this year men can write on the card what the 'mission' to improve their health is going to be).  Later on, they can keep this beside their desk, on their work bench, attached to their dashboard etc. to remind them of what they want to do and hope to achieve.

The postcards are available in both hard copy and as online electronic files.  To order hard copies of the postcard, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating:

-  How many copies you would like.
-  The name of the person to send them to.
-  The full postal address (including a Postcode / Eircode) for delivery.

For electronic download, see:  

The front of the postcard has a similar design to the MHW poster, and the back has a pre-written message.