Men’s Health Week 2024 Postcards

Every year since 2014, there has been a Men's Health Week (MHW) postcard to publicise the week.  Traditionally, these cards can be displayed as small flyers in public spaces, and are often sent by organisations to the men that they have contact with.  This has proved to be a very successful means of letting local men know about the week.

Some groups have also used them as pledge cards (e.g. this year men can write on the card what the 'mission' to improve their health is going to be).  Later on, they can keep this beside their desk, on their work bench, attached to their dashboard etc. to remind them of what they want to do and hope to achieve.

The postcards are available in both hard copy and as online electronic files.  To order hard copies of the postcard, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating:

-  How many copies you would like.
-  The name of the person to send them to.
-  The full postal address (including a Postcode / Eircode) for delivery.

For an electronic download, see:

The front of the postcard has a similar design to the MHW poster, and the back has a pre-written message which says:

Hi there,

At school, every pupil is told that you need to know your numbers if you are to get on in life.  This message is usually not welcomed at the time, but it’s a solid piece of advice.

During Men's Health Week 2024, everyone is - once again - being asked to ‘Know Your Numbers’.  Policy makers need to know statistics on the state of men’s health.  Men need to know the key health numbers that they should be working towards.  Everyone needs to know the numbers for support services at times when things go wrong.

Men’s health really does count.  Check out the ‘ACTION MAN’ booklet - for ten top tips on how to improve your health at:

Have a great week!