How to Promote Men’s Health Week 2024

Absolutely everyone can do something to promote Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2024.  There are many simple, free and easy ways to get involved / show support.  There is a common logo / image pack which can be used by everyone who wishes to raise awareness of MHW.  There is also a MHW 2024 poster and postcard.  These are important promotional tools - as one of the key aims is to let as many people as possible know about the week.  These are available to anyone who wishes to use them at

Here’s some practical suggestions …

-  Put a Men’s Health Week poster (or two or three) up in your workplace / meeting space / community centre / local shop / waiting room / church hall / Men’s Shed / gym / library / pub / surgery / construction site / home ...

- Promote the week on your website / social media - using a copy of the Men’s Health Week logo or badge or banner or Twitter Header or Facebook Cover image.

-  Link to the web page devoted to Men’s Health Week 2024 ( from your own website, Facebook page or other social networking site.

-  Send an email to everyone on your mailing list to tell them about Men’s Health Week, and ask them to forward the message to all their contacts.  Why not also insert the MHW logo, badge or banner into your outgoing emails during May and June?

-  Become a fan of the Men’s Health Week in Ireland’s Facebook page ( and send this link to all your online friends.

-  Include information on Men’s Health Week 2024 in your mailouts and newsletters.

-  Tell others about what is happening in your area during Men’s Health Week by posting details on the MHFI website.  Use the form at:

-  Make the Men’s Health Week logo or badge your computer desktop ‘wallpaper’ during May and June.

-  Remind your colleagues to follow all the latest news on Twitter (  Also Tweet about the week yourself, and include #MensHealthWeek | #KnowYourNumbers | #MensHealthCounts in your message.

-  Encourage the men you know to get involved in some of the activities taking place during the week, and give them a copy of the free ‘Action Man’ booklet and/or 'Do You Know Your Numbers?' z-card.

Doing one or more of these simple (and free) things will contribute hugely to MHW 2024!