Daily Themes for Men’s Health Week 2024

Men’s health issues and needs are numerous and complicated.  So much so, that we could probably assign a different one to highlight on each day of the year and still have an outstanding pool of ones to explore!  However, when preparing for Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2024, the all-island Planning Group felt that it would be useful to draw attention to a specific theme on each day during the week, as well as announce the final countdown to MHW during the week before.

The focus of each day will be ...

-  Friday 7th June:  Know your numbers - because men's health counts
-  Monday 10th June:  Trash the ash (and save the cash)
-  Tuesday 11th June:  Prevention is better than cure
-  Wednesday 12th June:  Food for thought
-  Thursday 13th June:  Rethink what you drink
-  Friday 14th June:  Be mind fit
-  Saturday 15th June:  Let’s get physical - be more than a sports spectator
-  Sunday 16th June:  Father's Day - the important role of fathers in their children's lives

Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok) offers a powerful tool for organisations to spread their message.  During Men’s Health Week 2024, everyone is encouraged to ‘Post’ and ‘Tweet’ about it and, when possible, to use the hashtags: #MensHealthWeek  |  #KnowYourNumbers  |  #MensHealthCounts

To support this, a range of social media graphics are also available.

For those people who would like to support MHW 2024 using their own social media channels - but who don't have the time, energy or knowledge to develop their own messages - a ready-made pool of Posts and Tweets that you can simply cut-and-paste from will be available online just before the week begins.  Keep an eye to www.mhfi.org/mhw/mhw-2024.html#Tweet for more details closer to the week.

Even loading a few things to social media platforms makes a huge difference to publicising the week.  This is, therefore, an easy and free way to show support for MHW.