Youth Mental Health Signposting Tool in Ireland

One of the key findings from the Mental Health Needs Assessment carried out by the National Youth Health Programme in 2015, was the need to support organisations, practitioners and young people in Ireland to access appropriate mental health services.  In response to this need, a Youth Mental Health Signposting tool was developed.  It provides information on available youth mental health services, training programmes, community supports and children’s rights.  See what it looks like at:

Videos Make Sense of Mental Health

Suicide charity, 3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide), recently launched a series of ‘T-Time’ videos which aim to destigmatise mental health and help with understanding and coping with specific mental health issues.  The topics include: depression and low mood; anxiety and panic; self-harm; stress; knowing the signs of suicide.  T-Time is a collaboration between 3Ts and YouTuber, James Mitchell.  It looks at mental health in a relaxed, informal way, as James explores each topic over a cup of tea with 3Ts’ Mental Health Coordinator and Psychotherapist, Clare O’Brien.  They are part of 3Ts’ ‘3 Steps’ campaign which aims to teach people to know the signs, know the words and know the supports when discussing mental health concerns.  The videos set out simple steps to take in approaching these difficult topics, and are available at:

Did you Organise a Men’s Health Week 2017 Event / Activity?

Every year there are hundreds of events throughout Ireland to celebrate Men’s Health Week (MHW).  Some of these are well publicised, but most are only known about by a few people.  This year, the Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) had a section on its website to promote the details of any activities or events that were being held throughout Ireland during the week (see:   However, a lot of the activities which took place are still not recorded, and it would be great to flag them up.  It’s not too late to complete and submit a MHW Event Form at:  Other submission options are also available at:

MA in Advanced Facilitation Skills for Health and Wellbeing

Do you want to become a highly skilled facilitator, advance within your chosen profession, and/or seek new employment opportunities? …  If so, you might consider applying for a place on the Master of Arts in Advanced Facilitation Skills for Promoting Health and Wellbeing.  This is an innovative practice orientated programme; the only one of its kind nationally.  It is designed to enhance personal growth and development to advance knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies required for effective facilitation of health and wellbeing work with groups, individuals and key populations.  The skills acquired on this programme are essential when engaging with men or working with men’s groups.  This is a full-time course, and its delivery reflects the flexibility required for adult learners.  The programme is delivered in Dublin on one Friday and Saturday per month per semester and three residential weekends dispersed across the three semesters from January 2018.  For further information, visit or contact the Course Leaders via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Family Mediation NI Foundation Training Programme 2017

Family Mediation Northern Ireland is inviting applications for their Foundation Training Programme 2017.  Family Mediation offers an alternative to conflict when families experience difficulties in relationships; particularly during or after separation and divorce.  By managing conflict, and offering an independent and impartial process, it empowers (ex) partners to negotiate solutions which meet the needs of their family, especially those of their children.  For full details, see:

The Impact of Fathers on Children's Mental Health

Fathers have a critical - yet poorly recognised - role in giving their children the best chance of good mental health throughout their lives according to a briefing paper published by the Centre for Mental Health.  ‘Fatherhood’, by Lorraine Khan, reviews evidence about the role of fathers in children’s mental health.  It finds evidence that fathers have a big influence on their children’s mental health, yet few get any help or support to fulfil their potential as parents.  See:

Men Experiencing Loneliness but Suffering in Silence

Millions of men across the United Kingdom are hiding feelings of loneliness according to research released at the start of May 2017.  This study found that an estimated eight million (35%) men feel lonely at least once a week whilst, for nearly three million (11%), it’s a daily occurrence.  More than one in ten men also say they are lonely, but would not admit it to anyone.  The research, conducted for the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness by Royal Voluntary Service, also reveals the triggers to loneliness.  To find out more, visit: