Kids’ Life and Times: The Attitudes of Primary 7 Boys

{jcomments off}Data from the 2010 Kids' Life and Times (KLT) online survey of Primary 7 school children are now available in the form of summary tables broken down by gender.  The full dataset is also available to download.  Over 5,000 children from across Northern Ireland took part in the 2010 survey, and the topics included bullying, attitudes towards the new transfer system, and sport.  Some key findings from the survey included: 23% of boys had been physically bullied at school and 34% had been bullied in other ways; 81% of boys had been mostly happy in their P7 year, while 6% had been mostly unhappy (the main reasons why they were unhappy were too much work, not liking the teacher, and getting into trouble); 14% of boys felt a lot of pressure when preparing for the Transfer Tests, and 35% said they were most worried while waiting for the results; 44% of boys thought there was not enough sport or PE in their school.  Full results and further information are available on the KLT website at

Promoting Men's Learning and Wellbeing in Community Organisations

{jcomments off}You are invited to a free lecture and discussion led by Professor Barry Golding, University of Ballarat, Australia, in the Cathcart Room (G13), the School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast, on Tuesday 5th October 2010, from 1.00pm - 2.00pm.  Barry has led two major research projects examining men’s learning through community-based organisations across Australia in 2009.  His research aimed to find out what men were learning, and how their well-being was enhanced through participating in community organisations.  The study extended beyond the conventional learning settings of adult and community education (within which, men in Australia are scarce), to places where men are in greater numbers - including sporting bodies, fire and emergency services, aged-related groups, religious and indigenous organisations, and men’s special interest organisations.  Both studies involved extensive surveys, and the interviews have transformed our empirical knowledge of men’s learning and well-being in diverse community settings.  For more information, contact Rob Mark, School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast at Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suicide Prevention - What Works?

{jcomments off}Contact Youth would like to invite you to their November Conference titled: “Suicide Prevention - What Works?”  This will take place from Monday 22nd - Tuesday 23rd November 2010 in the Stormont Hotel Belfast.  Professor Rory O’Connor will open the conference, and present his important research findings and recommendations establishing the prevalence and meaning of teenage self-harm.  On the second day of this event, he will join other speakers who will focus on community response suicide prevention initiatives.  To register your interest, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some Men Abuse. All Men Can Help.

{jcomments off}Three national organisations have recently joined forces for the first time to rally Irish men to become part of the solution to ending violence against women.  Rape Crisis Network Ireland, SAFE Ireland, and the Men’s Development Network will work as allies to encourage Irish men to stand up and say that violence against women is an unacceptable crime.  The new alliance and campaign, under the banner “The Other Half”, believes that the work to end violence against women can only be fully tackled by harnessing the energy, support and understanding of males in the population.  For a variety of reasons, violence against women has been largely tackled by women and has, by default, been seen as a women’s issue.  The alliance believes that it is time to move on from this, and to recognise men as potentially powerful allies in the fight against gender-based violence.  “While some men abuse women, all men can help end the violence,” said Sharon O’Halloran, Director of SAFE Ireland.  “The vast majority of men are not perpetrators of violence, and are concerned for the safety of the women they care about.  They are potentially powerful allies and activists against violence”.

Online Weight Loss Resource for Men

{jcomments off}Until recently, being overweight was more common amongst women, but now 45% of men in Ireland are overweight compared to 32% of women.  Safefood, with support from dieticians in the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute, have developed ‘Weigh2live’ - a web-based resource offering free, independent and credible advice on weight loss and maintenance.  Weigh2live includes interactive tools such as a BMI calculator, as well as practical advice on eating well and staying active.  Regular users of the site can also register to track their progress, and can join an online weight loss community just for men via Facebook.  Visit for further information or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cumulo Nimbus - Fathers’ Storybook

{jcomments off}The Fathers’ Group at Blossom Sure Start in Portadown, Co. Armagh, recently compiled a storybook as a Father’s Day project.  The book, titled “Cumulo Nimbus”, comprises ten short stories by fathers, plus an accompanying drawing from their children.  A Portable Document Format version of this publication is now available online at:   Contact Keith McAdam (Fathers’ Worker at Blossom Sure Start) at Tel: 02838 337455 for more details.

Know Your Numbers Health Day

{jcomments off}The HEART Project is running a Health Information Day: “Know Your Numbers” - on Thursday 21st October 2010.  This will take place from Noon - 4.00pm in the Maureen Sheehan Centre, 106 Albert Street, Belfast.  There will be health information stands and free health checks available (such as cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, age progression, spine age test, skin scanner and testicular awareness).  Alternative therapies (such as massage, acupuncture, reflexology and facials) will also be available, and a barber will be on-site to provide free haircuts.  For more information, contact Jackie from HEART on Tel: 02890 310346 or Anne from Clan Mór Sure Start on Tel: 02890 327755.